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"THE ESCALATOR" is an enduro tyre for the most extreme hard enduro conditions. It is characterised above all by it's unique gluey rubber compound, called "STICKY" - which has an insanely plastic, sticky behaviour due to the high silica content and thus provides maximum grip. The resulting "no-bounce-back" property makes it the GAMECHANGER in the extreme enduro world. It is the only tyre in this category that comes standard with an E-number (and DOT number) and is therefore road legal! Made in Germany, the 140/80-18 extreme enduro tyre is a top quality product.

The tread design is extremely wide and aggressive, pulling you upwards on uphills. The number of knobs on the sidewall has been increased to improve lateral grip and traction when riding at an angle. To get the most out of the black rubber, the carcass has been developed with maximum flexibility while maintaining the necessary stiffness in critical areas.

It is designed and developed specifically for 1-day events in the toughest conditions to deliver maximum performance.

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